We are a family of missionary servants sent to Delray Beach to make Jesus famous by making disciples that make disciples.

OUR vision: MAKING jesus famous

Fame...the natural beat of our self-oriented heart...it's what we do best, making ourselves famous...living for our own glory...but in a supernatural turn of events God has given us an opportunity for rescue from this pursuit through the person and work of Jesus...and now real life has begun for those in Christ...because of the gospel we get to make Jesus famous...we get to live for his glory and not our own.

This has become our all-encompassing vision...to pour ourselves out in such a way that brings glory to God by making Jesus famous...in every relationship, conversation, and moment...in every opportunity to listen, serve, and even smile...in everything our vision is to see Jesus known and worshipped...it really is all about him...and he really is all about the rescue and renewal of creation through his life, death, resurrection and return...this is central to the call of Jesus to go and make disciples...so our vision then is to make Jesus famous by being on mission with him to make disciples that make disciples...and because of Jesus we look forward to seeing a city here in Delray that is full of hope and transformation...help us Spirit to relentlessly pursue making Jesus famous...#MJF 


God is the one who makes disciples...a disciple, as defined by Jim Putman, is one whose head is being informed by Jesus, heart is being changed by Jesus, and hands are being used by Jesus...in his grace to us he has called us to join him on this mission...making disciples that make disciples is what we strive to do by the power of God's Spirit...this involves sharing the gospel and our lives with others...engaging them in relational community...nurturing a heart of service...and deploying them to repeat the process with others in loving and meaningful ways...this is how we have committed ourselves to making Jesus famous in Delray Beach...#MJF

Jesus is our Senior Pastor...this is his church...and I am overwhelmingly thankful for this truth.
— Casey Cleveland, Lead Pastor