Missional Communities

A Missional Community (MC) is the Avenue Church's primary vehicle for maturing and multiplying disciples, incarnating God’s love through community and building and releasing servant leaders. Externally, an MC creatively and tangibly engages a real need in Delray Beach with the purpose of relationally sharing and showing Jesus’ love with our city one person at a time. Internally, the individual members of an MC take ownership for each other’s spiritual growth and development by being intimately invested in each other's lives throughout the week.



If you join an MC Group you will meet once per week for approximately three (3) hours. You'll meet at an MC Group member's house and you will:

  • Share a meal together and have time to chat with each other

  • Study the Word or some sort of material picked by your MC Group Leader

  • Listen to a worship song

  • Pray together


As part of the MC Group you will be put into a DNA group with 3 - 4 members of the same sex that are in your MC Group. You'll meet once per week to share your lives more intimately and to grow together.


Your MC Group will choose a mission in your city where you can demonstrate and declare the Gospel. Your involvement will be on an as needed basis. Some examples of MC Missions are:

  • Volunteering at a local school and meeting the needs of the students/faculty
  • Adopting a little league team and serving them
  • Mentoring a group of families


We cannot stress how important it is for those attending the Avenue Church to join a Missional Community. We believe the Avenue Church is a church made up of Missional Communities. Joining an MC is one of the primary ways we believe that you will grow at the Avenue. If you would like more information or you would like to visit or join an MC, please contact:

Pastor Mitch Thompson