Arno van Vurren


Favorite Stuff

Food: Dessert...really any desert...BUT it cant be too sweet

Activity: Hanging with my wife or learning a new instrument or skill.

Sport: Just about any sport but soccer, tennis and ultimate frisbee are probably my current favorites.

Scripture: James 1:2-4

Book: Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman

Place in Delray: Lake Ida Dog'll catch Simon, Janis and I there about once a week!

My Story

I came to know about the Lord fairly early in in childhood and I understood there was an exchange that needed to happen between Jesus and I. With time I began to understand that I was more broken and I was much weaker than I ever thought I could be. I started to have a hunger for a life that went beyond the appearance of success and sports. I spent a lot of time playing worship music and doing life with other youth at Spanish River Church. I realized then that the Christian life is a life of community.

 I went to college at Palm Beach Atlantic University where I was sharpened by other Christian brothers and wonderful professors who modeled the love of Christ. And it was at this time that God started the Avenue and I got involved. So far God has not stopped showing me my weakness and sin and at the same time His faithfulness, strength and glory. I have been blessed in this journey by my wife Janis who is my most precious friend and wise confidant. We are both extremely passionate about seeing God's kingdom here in Delray.

Fun Stuff about me: I was born in South Africa and I speak Afrikaans. I love learning and I am a nerd in many respects. Also, If you want to play any type of sport...count me in!

My Greatest Experience with God: So far it has been an incredible experience to see God use everyday broken people here at the Avenue to bring the good news of Jesus into a city like Delray and to see life after life be changed by the Holy Spirit. I have been profoundly changed by the selfless example of love I have seen from others loving God and loving those around them.