Brady Witt



Favorite Food: Buffalo wings 

Favorite Activity: Golfing & Building vintage motorcycles

Favorite Sport: Golf, Football, Hockey

Favorite Scripture: Isaiah 43:2-3

Favorite place in Delray: The Popcorn House of course!

Jesus is the author, founder and perfecter of our Faith!

My Story

I grew up in a small town in the suburbs outside of Chicago called Mundelein. I have 2 older brothers and a younger sister, and we all grew up in a catholic household. I remember not going to church every Sunday but always showing up for Christmas and Easter service. My parents put me into catechism when I was young; and I went through all the Catholic rituals: First communion, reconciliation, and confirmation. I was never a big fan and found church to be boring. 

When I was about 11 years old, my oldest brother got into a devastating car crash with 4 of his friends, in which 2 lost their lives. This became a major turning point in all our lives. My brother began to get into trouble with the law and become an alcoholic and drug addict. My parents struggled dealing with this and decided it was best to leave the Catholic Church and attend our local non denomination church, The Chapel. This is where my interest in God began. Looking back I know Jesus was slowly drawing me to himself in these days. I can remember our pastor doing a series on the kings of the Bible and this is where I really got hooked. Learning about the Bible and the stories really drew me in to this Jesus guy. I knew of him but never truly knew him. During this time Jesus took a hold of my heart and saved me. 

A few years later my whole family moved from suburbs of Chicago to sunny South Florida. Leaving everything I knew was very difficult for me and I really had to grow through this hardship. Thankfully we started attending The Avenue Church and they showed the love of Christ and helped me learn what a true relationship and love of Jesus looks like. 

Jesus began to light my heart on fire for him and began serving the church and the community and continued growing closer and closer to him. I married my beautiful wife Lauren in 2017. I am thankful for Jesus, the spirit and his church for helping me lead and love my wife well. We are blessed and excitingly expecting our first child, a baby girl, a true gift from God. My wife and I are attending and serving the Avenue Church in Delray Beach and love watching God at work in the community and his church.