Casey Cleveland


Lead Pastor

Stuff I Really Like About Delray…

  • Subculture Coffee Roasters

  • Green Owl breakfast…the JJ is crazy good

  • Running on A1A before and during the sunrise

  • The chalk wall in our office

  • Coaching my son at the same baseball complex I was coached at by my dad (Miller Park)

  • Crane’s Beach House

  • Taking my daughter to our amazing beach

  • Looking at my wife at Vic and Angelo’s when we are on a date

  • Redemption church and the work God is doing through Daniel, Travis, and the whole crew

God’s Story…

God is so awesome!!  He is a most loving author who has been writing his story in my heart and through my life for years.  I am overwhelmed by his grace to a mess like me.  Here are a few of the highlights Sports Center Top 10 style…

1.    Grew up in Delray Beach, FL…parents still in the same house, but have (without wise counsel) taken down my amazing 80’s Major League Baseball wallpaper and painted the room red…hard to believe!

2.    Sports…Sports…Sports

3.    God lovingly interrupted my preoccupation with self, sin, and Casey-glory, to give me Himself as Master, Savior, and Delight…approximate age 13 years old…thank you Holy Spirit for using Spanish River Church (our sending church) and David Nicholas, and their faithfulness to the gospel.

4.    Jesus…Sports…Relationships…High School.

5.    Jesus…Sports…Relationships…Fellowship of Christian Athletes…College.

6.    And then there was Kathryn…God brought me this most beautiful gift of his goodness that I would meet in college, and marry the same month I graduated…I am so in love with this girl and falling deeper all the time!

7.    And then there was Caroline…my sweet Caroline…and then there was Cole…my little man…God teaches me so much through my kids, and has given me a deep love for them as my beloved in whom I am well pleased.

8.    10 years of teaching Seventh Grade Bible…so cool to teach others that have a similar maturity…kidding, kinda!

9.    4 years of being a pastor at Spanish River Church and then bam…Delray here we come!

The Avenue Church is planted in 2010…and I grow increasingly aware of my desperate need for Jesus…while preaching a gospel I love but struggle to believe in the everyday occurrences of life…and somehow God keeps allowing me to fall more in love with him in the midst of anxiousness, selfishness, and weakness…and through this I am thankful, that my greatest delight has become the person of God …and so the story, rescue, and renewal continues…And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.”  Rev 21:5a