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God created us for community.


When we come to faith in Christ, God adopts us into His forever family. The Apostle Paul says, “For through him we both have access in one Spirit to the Father. 19 So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God” (Eph. 2.18-29).


Family happens best when smaller groups of believers gather to fellowship and encourage one another, study and discuss God’s Word together, vulnerably share with each other, and pray for and practically for one another. We encourage everyone to join a small group where they can experience such rich community.



Parenting Reading Group: Jennifer and James Chong.

When: Weekly individual reading followed by group text discussion and encouragement. Starts Jan 28. Cost: Each participant will need to purchase “Habits of The Household” by Justin Whitmel Earley.

Author and father of four Justin Whitmel Earley understands the tension between how you long to parent and what your daily life actually looks like. He gives you the tools to create structure--from mealtimes to bedtimes--that free you to parent toddlers, kids, and teens with purpose. Discover simple habits and accessible daily rhythms that will help you find meaning beyond the chaos of family life as you create a home where kids and parents alike practice how to love God and each other.

Contact: Jennifer Chong (, 513 295 6066).


Sunday Morning Bible Study.

When: Sundays, 10:30-11:40, starts Jan 28.

Where: Avenue Church Office.

Join us for in depth Bible study, warm fellowship, and prayer. This group is open to all and meets during the 10:30 AM worship service. We will focus on the passages from Luke that will be used in each week’s sermon. The format will allow you to explore Scripture more deeply, hear others’ viewpoints, ask questions, and find meaningful applications. Since we are following along with the sermons, participants are encouraged to attend the 9:00 AM service.

Contact: Jerry Hablitzel ( or Liz Hablitzel (, 561 632 0996).

Sunday Morning Student Group.

When: Sundays, 10:50-11:40, starts Jan 21.

Where: Gymnasium and Youth Room.

Students in grades 6-12 will gather for worship at 10:30 with The Ave and then go to the youth room where they will build community and go deeper in their faith. During this time they will share life through weekly check-ins, discuss and apply God's Word, and pray together. Through it all, they will be given handles to walk out their faith in everyday life.

Contact: Ann Monthei (, 561 702 2050).


Emotionally Healthy Relationships. (FULL GROUP)

When: Sundays, 4 to 6 pm, starts January 28, 9 weeks.

Where: Avenue Church Office.

Cost: $30 for 2 books including shipping.

Life with Jesus is learning how to love others like He does. Since loving others and loving God are inseparable, you will have a chance to grow in your first-hand relationship with Jesus by daily incorporating stillness, silence, and Scripture. A new set of relationship skills will be presented each week which apply to every relationship; family, marriage, parenting, work, and friendships. This is serious lifelong discipleship with Jesus.

Contact: Jerry Hablitzel ( or Liz Hablitzel (, 561 632 0996).



When: Sundays, 5:30 PM, ongoing.
Where: Cason United Methodist Church, Swinton & Lake Ida.

The mission of seekers is to feed body and soul with great food, relaxed community, & relevant Bible teaching. All are welcome.

Contact: Chris Pasquale (cmpasquale@me.com201 543 1858).

Home Group: Corwins and Sweetens.

When: Sundays from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM, starts Jan 21.

Where: Home of Pete and Laura Corwin (Glades and I95).

Have you tried reading through the Bible but quit when it felt confusing or impersonal? The Bible Recap is a short podcast/video (8 minutes/day) that highlights and summarizes the day’s Bible reading in a casual understandable way that helps you love reading Scripture! Each day you’ll read or listen to around 3 chapters from the Bible, and then listen to The Bible Recap after you've finished. We will meet every Sunday evening, share a simple meal, discuss the week’s reading, and encourage & pray for one another.

Contact: Pete Corwin (561 368 1782), Rob Sweeten (561 707 7774).

Women’s Group: Online Bible Study—Habakkuk. (FULL GROUP)

When: Sundays, 6:30pm-8:00pm, starts Jan 28.

Where: Virtual via Zoom. Link will be sent prior to start.

Learn how to turn panic into peace! In this Bible study of the tiny book of Habakkuk, you’ll dive into the turbulent world of one of the Old Testament prophets—a world not that different from ours today. You’ll discover how Hababkkuk pushed forward to choose trust and find joy despite the violence that ruled his homeland. With a conversational tone, guiding questions, and her three-step transformational Bible study method, Jean Wilund makes relevant connections to our life and times. Whether studying alone or with a group, you will experience the same powerful, life-altering truths that changed Habakkuk’s perspective long ago.

Cost: Purchase via Amazon, “Embracing Joy,” by Jean Wilund. 

Contact: Carey Campbell (, 561 774 7179).



Monthly Moms and Kids Group.

When: Mondays, 10 AM- 12 PM, starts February 5.

Where: Fenced playground behind Boynton Beach Children’s Schoolhouse Museum, 129 E. Ocean Ave. Join us for a Moms and Kids Morning Out! Moms and kids are all welcome to meet up once a month. 

Contact: Lea Mains (561 859 6716), Mary Claire Lalane (256 337 3197).

Prayer Group.

When: Mondays at 8:00 PM, ongoing.
Where: Virtual via Zoom, once a month in person.

This group prays for the needs of the church and one another, including those submitted via Connection Cards on Sunday mornings and sent to the church during the week.

Contact: Pete/Laura Corwin (


Financial Peace University. (FULL GROUP)

When: Tuesdays @ 6:30 PM, starts Jan 23.

Where: Avenue Church Office.

Take control of your money with Financial Peace University! This nine-lesson 2-hour class uses biblical wisdom and common sense to help you tackle budgeting, pay off debt, and save and invest for the future. You’ll also connect with others just like you who can encourage you, hold you accountable, and celebrate your progress. Membership in Ramsey+ required for attendance. Cost: 10 memberships have been donated, each a $100 value. A $20 donation to The Ave is suggested to support future courses. Contact: Jason Sheikh (, 954 232 7876).



Women’s Group: REALLY Bad Girls of the Bible.

When: Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00 PM, starts Jan 24, 13 wks.

Where: Trinity Lutheran Fellowship Hall.

Cost: $13 for book, scholarship available.

Meet a few shady ladies from the Bible and discover the Godly lessons they can teach us! We will learn about eight flawed females---including Jael, Tamar, Bathsheba, and the adulteress---whose stories reveal that no matter how far we fall, God's grace, compassion, and love can redeem our mistakes. This study shines a spotlight on God's sovereignty, demonstrating one life-changing truth: God rules the lives of those He loves with mercy, compassion, and hope.

Contact: Allison Hix (, 561 901 1302).

*Childcare available with advance registration.

Men’s Group: Becoming Godly Men.

When: Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00 PM, starts Jan 24.

Where: Avenue Church Office.

Join the men for a great time of relevant Bible Study, rich friendship, and lifechanging prayer. We still kick off the semester with a 5-part video study by pastor Job Martin entitled, “Be A Godly Man.” God created men to have incredible strength. But today’s culture has hijacked masculinity, distorting strength into passivity and abuse. Through this study you will learn to embrace God’s definition of masculinity and step into His calling upon your life to wield your strength on behalf of others. When men act like godly men, everyone flourishes.

Contact: Jon Hix (

*Childcare available with advance registration.

Home Group: Joy and John O’Brien.

When: Wednesdays, 6:30 PM, starts Jan 24.

Where: Home of John and Joy O’Brien.

Join us as we gather for fellowship, Bible Study, and prayer. Everyone is welcome, whether single, married, or dating. We will be following along with the sermon series, and you can jump in at any time. Children are welcome.

Contact: John O’Brien (561 827 1655).


Kingdom Students.

When: Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00 PM, starts Jan 10, 13 weeks.

Where: Trinity School Gym and Youth Room.

Middle School & High School meet together on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:00pm. They will be going through the “Alpha Youth” video series which creates a space for young people to hold meaningful conversations about life, faith, and purpose. Through 13 sessions filmed in Vancouver, London, Paris, Rome, Israel, and many other incredible locations, the series offers compelling stories, imagines, questions, and discussion topics. Discussions are spread throughout each episode to better engage youth, helping them think about how these issues relate to their lives.

Contact: Meredith Ash (

*Other groups are offered concurrently for adults & children.


Women’s Group: Jude.

When: Thursdays, 9:30-11:00 AM, starts Jan 25, 13 wks.

Where: Avenue Church Offices. Cost: Cost $20 for book/video access. Scholarship available.

While often overlooked, the book of Jude remains as relevant today as the time it was written. God has commanded His beloved church to do the necessary work of contending for the faith in a world of unbelief, and as we do, He will keep us from falling into the same deception. In this 7-session study from Jackie Hill Perry, dive into themes of being called, loved, and kept, and learn how to point others to Jesus in grace and truth. We serve others well when we share the whole gospel with them, not just the parts deemed attractive by our culture.

Contact: Allison Hix (, 561 901 1302).

*Childcare NOT available.


Men’s Running Group: Keep Going!

When: Fridays, 6:00-7:30 AM, ongoing always.

Where: Across from downtown Starbucks (205 E. Atlantic, DelrayBeach)

Led by Casey Cleveland, Kyle Mains, and Charlie Lalane, this group helps guys live with great endurance!  We meet across from Starbucks on Fridays at 6 am and go for a 30-minute run followed by coffee, fellowship, and encouraging discussion. All levels of runners welcome!

Contact: Casey Cleveland (

Home Group: Allison and Jon Hix.

When: Fridays, 6-7:30 PM, starts January 26.

Where: 690 Heron Drive, Delray Beach.

A group for those not in another group😊 Join us for fellowship, Bible Study, and prayer. Whether single, married, or dating, we invite you to attend. We will be following along with the sermon series, and you can jump in at any time. Bring your own dinners; we will provide light refreshments and desserts. Kid friendly.

Contact: Allison Hix (, 561 901 1302).

Friday Night Bereans (Acts 17:11).

When: 2nd and 4th Fridays, 6:30 8:00 PM.
Where: 225 Royal Ct, Delray Beach.
Each session a different person will be assigned to choose the book (or chapters from longer books) of the Bible that we will be reading. We read as a group, one at a time out loud, stopping at the end of each chapter, and then discuss the things that stood out and what the Lord might be ministering to us through these portions of His Word. We begin and end in prayer.
Contact: Nano Curtin, Eric Gumin (, 917 696 0805).



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