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We love building relationships with people here in Delray and there is no greater opportunity to do that by serving the people who God brings to our various Delray Beach City events. There are so many options for us to serve our city! You can face paint at our Avenue Church booth at a city event OR help serve coffee at a local school OR serve on a hospitality team during a city event OR paint a school/read to local school children. There are tons of other serving opportunities with our partners.  Sign up today so that we can keep you in the loop on what is coming up next!


Foster Parents' Night Out is a faith-based program that provides monthly respite care to foster families. Local churches host FPNO so that foster parents can have a night off while trained volunteers care for their foster, adopted, and biological children. Not everyone is called to be a foster parent, but each of us can spend an evening per month supporting a foster family at FPNO. Normally this is the 3rd Friday of every month from 5:45pm-9pm (except July & December.)


Location: Trinity Church (400 N Swinton Ave)

 For more information on how to volunteer, donate items, or cook for the evening contact us!

love delray: WORK DAYS

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Love Delray is a quarterly event, on a chosen day volunteers come together to go out to different non-profits throughout Delray to help with numerous tasks needed on location. The day starts out together at Trinity Church for prayer, fellowship, and breakfast (coffee, fruit, and snacks) at 8:15 am.  At 8:45 am everyone goes to the specific locations they have signed up to serve from 9:00am-12PM Approx.



Delray Beach Mops/MomsNext is a tribe of moms of ALL ages and stages living life together. It’s a place for friendship, community, support and growth. We are calling all women to join us in taking a chance at a fresh start this year. Let’s HAVE MORE FUN, FEAR LESS and FIND OUR PEOPLE. Come along with us, and may this be the year you live LIFE TO THE FULL.



Let's connect and continue the conversation through our mobile app or email subscription.

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