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spiritual gifTs


Take your spiritual gifts test below today! Your results will be automatically sent to the church leadership where we can best match your gifts to bless and advance God’s Kingdom!

Generous Living: Living each day with a readiness and desire to freely give of our spiritual and physical gifts. If you are unable to take the test above then use the link below.

  1. Take the free test here to identify your spiritual gifts. Choose the free adult or youth spiritual gifts test and then Enter the code E2BA40. (This allows your results to be sent to us so that we can further assist you matching your gifts to ministry here at the church)

  2. Live daily ready and desirous to share freely of your gifts

  3. Your results will automatically be sent to the leadership team at The Avenue.

  4. See where inside and outside of the church you can utilize your gifts or confirm where you are currently serving

Romans 12:6-8
1 Corinthians 12:4-11
1 Corinthians 12:28
Ephesians 4:11

Administration, Discernment, Encouragement, Faith, Giving, Healing, Speaking in tongues, Interpretation, Knowledge, Leadership, Mercy, Serving, Teaching, Wisdom, Knowledge, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds, Teachers



Administration: Hospitality Team, Ave Kids, Youth Ministry, Church Care Team Leadership, and LOVE DELRAY planning team. 

Apostleship:  DNA Leader, Church Planter, Entrepreneur/Starting of a new Ministry (New and innovative ways to care and love others)

Discernment:  Prayer Team and Hospitality Team. 

Evangelism:  Foster/Adopted Family Support, Avenue Kids, Non-profit engagement, Alpha Launch Team, Youth Ministry, FPNO (Foster Parent Night Out), Hospitality Team,  LOVE DELRAY, Grace Street, and Caring Kitchen Ministry. 

Exhortation: (Gift of encouragement) DNA Group, Ave Kids, Youth Ministry, Hospitality Team.

Faith: Prayer Team,Grace Street, and Caring Kitchen 

Giving:  Hospitality Team, Grace Street, FPNO, Foster/Adopted Family Support,, Avenue Kids, Youth Ministry, Setup and Teardown Team, Technical Team (Sunday Morning Production), LOVE DELRAY, and Caring Kitchen.

Time, talents, and treasures.   Serving and giving!   

Healing: Sunday Morning Prayer Team, Weekly Prayer Team, Church Care Team, and Grace Street.

Interpretation of Tongues:  Speak with Leadership for more info.

Knowledge: Ave Kids, DNA Leader, Youth Ministry,  Technical Team Sunday, Sunday Morning Bible Study Teaching Team, Production, and Setup/Teardown Team.  

Leadership: Lead a DNA Group, Men’s/Women’s Ministries Leadership Team, Deacon and Elder.

Mercy:  FPNO, The Caring Kitchen Ministry, Grace Street, Church Care Team, Deacon, LOVE DELRAY,  and Foster/Adopted Family Support Team.

Miracles:  Prayer Team, Grace Street, and Church Care Team (NEW)

Pastor/Shepherd: Ave Kids, Youth Ministry,  Church Planter,  Church Care Team, and Elder. 

Prophecy:  DNA Group leader, Sunday Morning Bible Study, Mens and Women’s Ministry.

Serving/Ministering:  Hospitality, Avenue Kids, FPNO,  Caring Kitchen Ministry,  Tech Team/Video Team, Setup/Teardown Team, and LOVE DELRAY,

Teaching:  Ave Kids, DNA Leader, Youth Ministry, Sunday Morning Bible Study, Men’s and Women’s Leadership Team, 

Tongues: Speak to Leadership for more info. 

Wisdom:  DNA Groups , Ave Kids, DNA Leadership, and Sunday Morning Bible Study

Partnerships: If you want to go beyond serving at The Avenue Church, check out some of our partners for more serving opportunities. 



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